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How does ARISE work?

The main aim of ARISE is to create a platform and foster research in the field of Lung Oscillometry among practicing clinicians, lung physiologists, academicians and technicians in lung function testing, not only in India, but across the globe. In addition, ARISE will also contribute to knowledge dissemination and Advocacy by publishing articles, writing books, conducting seminars, symposia, conferences and continuing medical education programs for all relevant stake holders.

The ARISE Network will comprise of a Central Coordinating Team (CCT) and its Members / Collaborators from across India and the globe. The Central Coordinating Team will be based at Chest Research and Training (CREST) in the city of Pune in India and will coordinate both the scientific and operational components of Lung Oscillometry research. The CCT will also be the central data management site and will conduct statistical analysis and contribute to report writing, presentations at national and international conferences and support publication in international peer reviewed journals. The Members of ARISE will comprise of practicing clinicians, academicians and technical experts in lung function testing, who will contribute to generating and floating new research ideas (new research questions), take responsibilities as Principal Investigator / Co-Investigator, help in drafting research protocols, contribute to data generation, presentation of results at national and international meetings and contribute to writing papers for publication in medical journals. Ethics committee approvals will be obtained at both the CCT as well as the local institutional ethics committees of Members, if any.

Members will be encouraged to come up with a research idea/question which will have clinical application (diagnosis, determining severity, monitoring response to interventions in the field of Lung Oscillometry). These research ideas will be discussed by a Scientific Advisory Team, who will recommend approval/rejection of the research idea/question. Once approved, the Member who came up with the idea, will be invited to be the Principal Investigator and draft a 2-page summary of the research project. This will then be floated in the Network among Members and collaborators by the CCT and will invite them to participate in this study. Those interested will respond and become study co-investigators. A final and detailed study protocol will be prepared by the PI along with the CCT team and this will be submitted to all sites who have shown willingness to participate in this research study. Ethics committee approvals will be obtained and the study will be registered with the Central Clinical Trials Registry, if appropriate. The study will then be initiated by the CCT as all participating sites. The ownership of the data will lie with the Member who has helped generate the data, but will give rights to the CCT for data sharing, data management and data analysis. The CCT will ensure smooth operations of the study, ensure quality data generation, conduct centralized data management, perform data analysis and help in writing the study report. The Principal Investigator will then take a lead role in writing the manuscript as the first author, supported by CCT and the others Members. Authorship will be based on adequate contribution to the study. Team members from the CCT who have contributed to the study will also be authors. The manuscript will then be submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal of repute. Acknowledgements will be given to all who contributed to the study.

Presentations of the study at national/international meetings can be made by the PI or participating Members or CCT. Further dissemination of the knowledge generated will be done in the form of Review Articles, Books and uploading in social media.

Knowledge dissemination and advocacy is also an important aim of ARISE. The CCT along with Members will help conduct training programs on Lung Oscillometry for all relevant stake holders, including practicing physicians, medical colleges, state and central government health care providers, etc. The CCT will draft the study modules, which will be polished/enhanced by the Members of the network and then disseminated by the CCT and Members through conferences, seminars, symposia and continuing medical education programs. The copyright of all the training modules developed by ARISE will belong to ARISE and can be used by all Members for further dissemination in a structured manner.

Based on the scientific evidence generated, ARISE will also advocate the use of Lung Oscillometry with National and International Societies, medical councils, state and central health departments.